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Avoiding Writer's Block

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

I have never suffered writer's block. I don't why, but I do have great compassion for those who do. I believe it is a formula in the allowing of the creative juices to spill forth. Some of the greatest authors teach to set up an outline, know your first sentence, the hook, and how the story will end. Set up characters on paper and look at them as if they were friends of yours. Design their gestures, their appearance, their language, their flaws, their victorious outcomes. I trust that all the teachings for storytelling for a novel certainly apply. I can remember how my own son who is a storyteller in script writing, would feverishly apply every rule of thumb. For me, I am more of an instrument. Some of us are. We set down to write and the stories tumble out, including an ending. I am not simplistic here. I am obsessive when I revise.

For those who struggle, you might want to embrace some of Dr. Joe Dispenza's beautiful advice on getting your head straight. It can be applied to anything, anywhere and always brings results.

1. Believe, accept and surrender to the highest intelligence of life.

2. Become present, in the now, to develop a relationship with that intelligence.

3. Be mindful of reacting emotionally. Emotions are a record of the past.

4. Become conscious of your thoughts, paying attention to what you feel. Observe!

5. Feel gratitude for the gift of writing, for your ability, your health, your aliveness.

6. If you feel stressed, it is not a time to create. If you are anxious, you are in survival.

Anxiety conditions the body to be in a state of fear, then mind begins to believe it.

7. Focus and use intent with a peaceful heart. This changes the brain waves.

8. Open your heart so the heart is full. This amplifies the energy of the brain.

9. When the heart is full, you are in heart coherence. The Laws of Creation allows

what you want to come to you, you do not have to chase it.

10. Close your eyes, be in the allowing. Ego is in the contradiction of who we really

are, what we can become, what we can do. No comparisons, no judgment,

no expectation. Just allow and what comes forth may totally surprise.

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