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We forget in our enthusiasm to pay attention to the rules of order. If it works, don't fix. All of our creativity is worthy but watch out for too much creativity and not enough structure. The article I am referring to Is

K.M. Weiland sets it up for you. Five steps to check yourself. She reminds that a story is a unit. All the puzzle pieces should match. Remind self of the theme so you do not have to reign in a runaway horse. She brought up a point about a meeting with Steven Speilberg, a mastermind of ideas. Well, seems he has SO many ideas and thinks it cool to put into a script that it may not push the story forward. Maybe action adventure stories can handle that but sooner or later readers will wonder why that was put in there? Characters must change! I read a book recently that did not get all the stars simply because the secondary character, a mother of the main character did not, would not, elicit emotion that we would normally elicit but throughout the book? Stoicism, dead pan affects that cannot evolve into something we resonate with will lose our attention fast. Main premise of the book must show cause and effect. You never want to leave your reader hanging in mid air. ( well, spoilers here, I felt that about a season finale script of big little lies) No. we want resolution of some kind and we want our character to motivate him or herself to do it. That is our exaltation! Thank yourself for taking time out of your day to remind yourself of some simple steps to keep you on the horse and not sliding off its back end! :))

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