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Writing is another way of connecting

If we take the time out of our day and write in a journal for ourselves to reflect on, or write for publishing for others to reflect on, we have not wasted a minute or hour of our existence. I believe we were born to exercise creativity and in that venue we connect with our higher selves, our universal brothers and sisters and our Creator Source. To dispel that is a crime, in my eyes, against ourselves. Pick up a pen or go to your tablet or computer keyboard and put the words down. Never mind the structure; you can and will go back later for revision. Start with the skeleton of the manifest, the words that denote feelings. That is the highest point of entry. If you cannot draw or paint or speak in front of an audience or work with wood or pottery or yarn, then write. And maybe you can do all of those things I mentioned, but the goal is to express a story that will resonate with someone. That person may be on the edge, or in a black hole or so lonely they are lost or in need of a belly laugh. Whatever you can give to someone who needs release or inspiration or challenge or a new way of thinking, you have exercised a healing. God bless you.

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